Our Makeup Artists

Sandra Mata

Founder of Kiss and Makeup Houston, Sandra’s passion for makeup started when she unzipped mommy’s makeup bag and adorned her younger brother’s face with pink lipstick and blue mascara (It was the eighties). Since that day her life revolved around her new found obsession.
Her infatuation with the beauty industry and transforming people’s faces has yet to be extinguished. Her skills have been sharpened through many years of training and certifications. Experience is the best teacher and Sandra’s long career as a makeup artist has given her the ability to perfect her craft to deliver immaculate work. Her brushes have graced the faces of countless beauty queens, athletes, celebrities, brides, and models internationally
She has had the opportunity to work on live NBA playoffs, featured artist in 002 magazine, ABC, Impression Bridal, Channel 11 news anchor, Seventeen Magazine, live and nationally televised beauty competitions, and the Houston Texan’s NFL team and cheerleaders.
Sandra is fluent in Spanish and uses the skills she attained from a bachelors in psychology to help every client feel at ease.

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